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The use of social media by the population at large has increased at an incredible rate. As of April 2010, there are now 105,779,710 registered Twitter users, with new users are signing up at the rate of 300,000 per day. Of that number, 37 percent of the active users use their phone to tweet. In addition, there are now more than 500 million active Facebook users with at least 50% of the active users logging on every single day. There are 150 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices and they tend to be twice as active on the social networking giant than non-mobile users.

Jury Scout can help you make those numbers manageable. Our services can be used:

  1. as a means to predict juror behavior
  2. as a general monitoring tool
  3. as a compliment to the in court voir dire

PREDICTING JUROR BEHAVIOR: Jury Scout can create detailed profiles for each individual juror based on their online habits, which include but are not limited to: frequency of updates (in terms of photos, status, and comments), the number of social network profiles each juror has, whether their blogs and profiles are protected (i.e., locked down), the number of online aliases, how much personal content is revealed within public forums, opinions on current events and religion, and if said juror is prone to signing online petitions. By creating a personalized matrix of information for each juror, Jury Scout can predict whether they will pose a threat to the case. An example of this would be the recent story about Hadley Jons, a Detroit juror who prematurely gave away the verdict to an ongoing trial on her Facebook account. Had she been monitored by Jury Scout, we could have predicted (from the nature of her prior status updates, which according to multiple news sources were pretty revealing) this eventual outcome long before it happened. If an individual behaves a certain way, probability says they will continue to do so regardless of legal restrictions.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Jury Scout can be used as a compliment to the voir dire, as the information we provide from our online research may be more honest than what the potential juror reveals in person. People tend to honest to a fault online as they don't a) believe they are being observed and b) their information is visible to the public at large. This information, when compiled, can show political and religious affiliations, biases, and the like.

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